Business Law

  • Drafting and analysis of business contracts :
    • Commercial leasing
      • Offers to lease
    • Shareholder agreements
    • Partnership agreements
    • Specialized agreements (sponsorships, cooperation, joint ventures, etc.)
    • General advice regarding commercial matters, loans, bonding, GSAs, and the like
  • Corporate law :
    • Incorporations (business corporations, non-profit, co-operatives)
      • Reorganization, continuance, amalgamation, wind-up and dissolution
      • Assisting with applications for charitable status
    • Drafting, analysis and review of by-laws, policies, directives and other governance documents
    • Advice regarding various legal issues and collaboration with accountants, auditors and tax experts when required
  • Evaluation and development of special projects
  • Procurement law
  • Commercial transactions :
    • Purchase/sale of business or shares
    • Purchase/sale of commercial real property
      • Expropriation proceedings

Construction Law

  • Services and advice with respect to construction liens and claims for payment
    • Preparing and filing of liens
  • Drafting and review of RFPs, calls for tenders, prequalifications
  • Construction lien claims
    • Plaintiff’s representation and defence

Education & Administrative Law

  • Advice and legal memoranda with respect to operational, decision-making and procedural issues for public and para-public organizations as well as community groups and associations (namely in the fields of education and health management)
    • Advice with respect to language issues
    • Legislative interpretation
  • Freedom of information and privacy protection – Ontario
  • Conflicts of interest, rules of conduct and discipline matters
  • Governance issues
  • Training sessions for personnel, directors and officers, trustees


  • Litigation related to the above areas of practice before administrative tribunals, Small Claims Court, Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Ontario Court of Appeal
    • Applications and motions
    • Judicial reviews
    • Claims (plaintiff’s counsel and defence)
  • Advice with respect to alternative dispute resolution :
    • Negotiation
    • Mediation